We've Unpacked All The Benefits. Volunteering in Africa could be for you!

Are you inquisitive? Do you love change, adventure and discovering new places, new horizons and new ways of looking at the world? Most importantly, do you care? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then volunteering in South Africa is for you.


Why volunteer in South Africa?

South Africa is a richly diverse country and home to Africa's iconic "Big 5". It’s also home to some of Africa's most important conservation projects where wildlife experts are fighting the threats to wildlife and biodiversity daily.

You too can join the battle for Mother Earth's resources. Wildlife volunteering at Rockwood in our conservation programme in South Africa is the single biggest thing you can do to help preserve Africa's wildlife.



Unique wildlife conservation approach

Situated in the Northern Cape of South Africa, Rockwood is a 30 000 acre pristine reserve nestled between the Great Karoo and the Kalahari. It's home to a variety of African species, including over 300 Southern white rhino.

Rockwood runs a highly reputable and successful program. Here, volunteers become part of a unique approach to conservation, called "aggressive conservation". This involves research, education and a direct on-the-ground approach to protecting and encouraging the growth of the rhino population and other species.

With a hundred rhino calves born at the reserve, the success of Rockwood's strategy is undeniable. But we need help to continue preserving and protecting our fragile biodiversity.




Volunteer your help

Volunteers at Rockwood are given a chance to work with experienced conservationists, including professional rangers who work daily to protect our rhinos.


Your daily wildlife volunteer routine

  • Feeding rhinos and other animals
  • Monitor rhino health with rangers
  • Upkeep of rhino camps
  • Assist in data collection
  • Assist vets
  • Provide care for orphaned animals
  • Check and maintain camera traps
  • Clean and maintain horse stables
  • Feed and care for horses
  • Grooming and working with foals
  • Check and maintain fences and gates


Volunteer with Rhinos at Rockwood


Other volunteer activities include:

  • Learn to ride horses and join Rockwood's rangers in monitoring rhinos on horseback
  • Take part in electronic chipping and collecting samples
  • Develop activities and lessons for local schools and community engagement
  • Photograph and write about events and experiences at Rockwood
  • Help capture data onto research database
  • At Rockwood, you will get to experience hands-on conservation efforts and be part of making a real difference. So, break out of your comfort zone, live life, embrace your passions and volunteer in Africa.

Are you intrigued yet? We're currently filling our volunteer requirements for 2020 so if protecting vulnerable species in the wilds of South Africa sounds like an adventure for you, get in touch. Volunteer in Africa today to make a difference!



On average one rhino is poached every 8 hours in Africa. Which is why we at Rockwood are doing everything we can to save the species from extinction. But looking after over 300 rhinos is no small feat. We need your help.

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Give Your Time & Get Involved


By volunteering, you become a Rockwood Rhino Guardian. You’ll not only touch the lives of over 300 rhinos, but you will also have changed the course of human history for the better at Rockwood. To find out more about how to apply to volunteer at Rockwood, please click on the button below.
*Please note, saving the rhino is an expensive undertaking, that’s why participating in projects is subjected to a registration and participation fee. It’s one of the ways we generate funds to keep doing what we do.
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