Rockwood has a unique approach to protecting threatened species we call, 'aggressive conservation'. By focusing on research and collaboration, we hope to educate as many people as possible and inspire them to invest in saving endangered species.

In this age of extinction and environmental volatility, the rhino is one of the countless species on the edge of extinction. They are just one of our planets, 'canary in the coal mine'. If we can't save them, how are we going to save ourselves?

At Rockwood, we care for over 300 rhinos. A hundred calves have been born at our sanctuary under the watchful eye of the dedicated Rockwood team. Our steadily growing rhino population reflects the success of our strategy. However, it also means Rockwood needs help continuing to care for and protect these gentle giants. And unlike most rhino sanctuaries that minimise human and rhino contact, Rockwood encourages interaction.


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Conservations who provide homes for rhinos aren't ordinarily open to the public because of the increased security risk and consequences of poaching. At Rockwood, we manage the physical risks with state-of-the-art security measures. The benefit of recruiting more people to the plight of rhinos and wildlife in general out-weight the other risks.

As a volunteer at Rockwood, you'll get the unique and privileged experience of making a real difference to the lives of over 300 rhinos. You'll also leave a wiser, lifelong wildlife warrior.

Volunteers are at Rockwood for two weeks. You'll work alongside professional rangers, wildlife veterinarians and researchers in the field. Daily chores and activities are distributed among volunteers so that you won't do all the day-to-day operations every day. You'll work under the guidance of an experienced Rockwood employee for yours, and the rhinos, safety.

Here are just some of the activities you'll assist with:

  • Prepare feed for rhinos and other animals
  • General upkeeping of rhino camps
  • Accompany rangers on patrol to monitor rhinos
  • Assist researchers with data collection
  • Capture data into our research database
  • Assist vet with procedures
  • Provide care and attention for any orphaned or injured animals in our care
  • Take part in hands-on activities with rhinos as part of conservation management practices, for example:
    • Capturing and relocation of rhino
    • Micro-chipping
    • Trimming horns 
    • Pregnancy testing
  • Check camera traps, replace batteries and filter footage
  • Check and maintain fences and gates on quadbike or horseback
  • Photograph and write about events and share your experiences at Rockwood



If your application is successful, we will conduct a telephonic interview. Only once you have received an official invitation will you be allowed to travel to Rockwood.
We'll also explain the fee in detail and answer any other questions you have during your interview.
Please complete the application form. We will be in touch to arrange an interview.